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Women's Slip On Shoe Style 110303
Women's Slip On Shoe Style 110303

Acquire in Flexi the shoes indicated as part of the clothing in the area of health sciences or shoes suitable for people with diabetes. In our designs, comfort and practicality are guaranteed in models that are comfortable, elegant and suitable for your work routine.

An aspect that is commonly ignored, but that is of great importance and to which our models respond, is the fact that in addition to sitting well and being functional, clinical service shoes must adjust to the tastes of the wearer when dealing with the pair which will be worn more frequently. As such, it is necessary that this leave some space to a touch of personal and avant-garde style.

Hence, scientific professions have a special place in our collections, made up of footwear to comply with the standards established by the medical, laboratory or assistance personnel dress code.

Our models, available in colors like white, brown and black; With strap or velcro closures, they are ideal to face long hours of work without fatigue and with the ideal protection for your feet in the environment in which you work.

Meet our variety of self-adjusting models, made in the SoftCare system with spacious interiors, made of extra soft leather and with removable anatomically cut insoles.

Never before practicality and aesthetics have been combined so well in the same design and never before will you be happier to buy a pair of shoes to go to work. Buy now at Flexi online store and discover our benefits such as a variety of payment methods and 30 days for returns.