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Men's Derby Flexi Shoe with Needles Style 404501 Tan

The man who trusts himself and his personality uses the trendy style, since it stands out from the rest; That is why at Flexi we put at your disposal a wide variety of shoes designed to highlight your presence and bearing, whether they are casual shoes, urban sneakers or boots, dare to try them all and enjoy Flexi.

Our shoes are made with 100% leather insoles that cushion the footprint and make walking more comfortable; All the lining, the sole and the insole will help you give your footwear years of life, since they are easy to clean and with this you will give them freshness and vitality.

At Flexi online store we want to pamper you, that's why we offer you various accessories so that you develop the ideal outfit, wear white, black, blue shoes and of all colors and textures.