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If off-road is your thing, we have the ideal shoes for you. In Flexi you will find a variety of country boots for men, with which you can go to endless places and enjoy great adventures at every step you take, because you will have the security of wearing firm footwear and created exclusively for walking on all types of ground. .

We have the classic brown and black colors, but we also surprise you with blue tones to spice up your style. Firm, non-slip soles with relief, but also comfortable, characterize this style of shoes. We also have military-style models with a higher tube, to provide you with greater security.

The quality of the leather that makes up our designs is highly durable and resistant to all types of weather, find it smooth, with textures or with a softer nubuck finish. With the wide catalog that we offer, it will only be a matter of choosing the model that best suits your style, you will have the ideal footwear for you at your fingertips. Also, you will find a variety of sizes ranging from 25 to 31.

Because at Flexi we always think about your needs, we seek to offer you the best quality, shoes that fit perfectly, comfortable insoles and much more. Buy now with us, as we seek excellence in footwear for you.